Student Admission in WordPress School Management System – Small Business Managed IT Support

Make use of it as a college admission management software. It can be difficult to configure the online admission software for higher education when you’ve never used WordPress prior to. In this instructional video you’ll get more information about adding the college admission management software system into WordPress.

To begin with applications for admissions to higher education Start by clicking School Management on the left edge of the WordPress dashboard. Then, go to Admission. Then, you’ll be directed to the admissions webpage with all the necessary information. Click on Admission Formula. Adjust the admission number and the date as required. Include the student information, including first and last name, date of birth, gender, address, state, city and zip code. If it is possible, provide an email address for the student as well as their former school.

WordPress contains sections on details about family members and siblings. After you have completed the necessary information about the newly accepted student, you’ll be able to hit “New Admission” at the bottom on the page. After returning to the Admissions page, it will find two options beneath the Action field: View,’ and ‘Approve.’ Click on the ‘View’ to view more information regarding the person who is applying and view all the data which you’ve completed on their form to make admissions and enrollment management software simple.


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