The Link Between Religion and Healthcare – Greg’s Health Journal

Numerous religions place an enormous value on caring for the injured and sick. This is not a new phenomenon: numerous ancient civilizations around the world have worked toward caring for the hurt and sick.

A lot of the care given to the injured and sick evolved due to the desire to remove any evil that was residing in the body of those who were being affected. Contemporary films poke fun at this using words like “The the power of Christ is a force that binds you!” However, the truth of old civilizations centers around an identical concept. Someone who is ill is required to be cleansed from any bad thing that brought their condition to develop. In the beginning, doctors could be shamans or the men who were of God who were in close contact with higher powers.

With the rise in scientific knowledge and technology in the present day, we are able to recognize that illnesses and injuries don’t result from a higher power cursing us and destroying us, but rather from small organisms that intrude into our body’s defenses. Yet, religion continues to play an essential role in health care. Non-profits such as Jericho Share allow the ill or injured to pay their medical costs through a shared religious belief and with the help of religion-based health.

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