A Guide to Hose Clamp Sizing – Skyline Newspaper

As a homeowner, if you’re trying to resolve problems by yourself, you may face having to find the appropriate size of hose clamp to meet your needs. Watch this video to learn about how to measure your hose, and the best clamp for each situation.

When measuring, remember if the clamp goes onto the outside of your hose or tube, it is necessary to measure the exterior diameter of the tube or hose. To determine the circumference of the tube, clamps placed on the exterior of the tube or hose can be secured using a cable tie , or zip tie.

It is possible to calculate the circumference of a hose and the diameter required for various sizes of hose clamps. The video illustrates the method, however it will require mathematics skills from high school.

Round the number you get by dividing it to the nearest two decimals. The clamps for houses can be adjusted so leave some room. A slightly larger hose clamp is superior to one with numerous holes. This video will explain how to select the correct size clamp for your hose.


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