Who Makes Money With Bail Bonds Companies Services? – Community Legal Services

The judge decides when a person can be released following the time they’ve been found guilty of a crime. Sometimes, suspects may be held or are released in jail after paying bail in the event that they are deemed to be in danger, are a flight risk or fear that they might not follow the orders of the court. In the event that the suspect is in a position to pay bail, they must be kept in prison until hearing. What is the question about who receives bail? The documentary, Who Earns Money From Bail, explains this issue. It provides the basic information about bail and bail bond businesses.
If you are arrested and not able to make bail could use bail bonds companies. Many people can’t pay for bail due to it being high-cost. In exchange for a cost, they are able to assume the bail obligation. This fee can amount from 10-15% to 15% of total bail. The collateral that bail bond businesses take is equal to the bond’s actual value. Bail bond companies don’t simply earn their revenue from the service fee, they also can earn profits from collateral in the event that the defendant is not able to show up in court. Bonds are mainly a benefit for private bond firms. hrh9j847en.

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