How to Get Licensed as a Plumbing Contractor – EDUCATION WEBSITE

This article explains the basics of plumbing before you apply to be licensed. If you have experience in the plumbing industry, you can get licensed as a plumbing professional following passing the national certification exam and completing an apprenticeship. Every state has their particular licensing requirements. Many require applicants have at least five years’ experience as a journeyman plumber in order to successfully pass the examination.

If homeowners require plumbing services and require that a plumbing contractor licensed to provide them with the right solution. A plumbing contractor installs as well as repairs, maintaining and installing plumbing and fixtures within commercial and residential properties as well as. The applicant must pass a journeyman test, then get permission to work as a plumber.

Additionally, tools and equipment are needed, including safety gear, pipe wrenches and hammers and any additional tools required to work with plumbing systems. Some plumbers require specific tools to complete certain plumbing work, including setting up water heaters. Contractors who are not licensed could face penalties or even jail time when found working with licenses that are not valid. A licensed plumbing contractor should also obtain general liability insurance, and have an office space that’s permanent where they can be reached anytime during office hours.

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