What You Didnt Know About Pipe Flanges – Discovery Videos

To ensure that the vessel is not leaking IDs are needed to travel without leakage. The video “Piping Flange Types and Surfaces Explained” shows different pipe flange types as well as faces and surfaces.

Flanges could be defined as one-piece parts made of metal connected by two pipes. Flanges could be cast iron, casting metal malleable or ductile. Pipe flanges can also be constructed out of stainless steel. There are various types of flanges available with varying faces and sizes.

Two flat surfaces are joined with butt welding before sealing by using pressure and heat. Socket welding is comparable to butt welding, in that it involves putting together and joining the two sides. There is a major difference, however it needs an additional piece of equipment that is called a socket. The socket is a tubing that can be inserted inside the pipe. This permits the building of the flange joints that surround it. Alternative to welding flange joints and threaded Flanges, threaded flanges could be employed. They can be used to connect straight pipes. Before choosing pipe flanges, it is important to consider your purpose and budget of the project in order to choose the right option suitable for your specific needs.


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