What is Civil Litigation? – The Buy Me Blog

ent agencies, corporations, and private individuals. During the process, the prevailing party expects to receive financial compensation in exchange to cover the expenses incurred during the trial.

The civil litigation process isn’t a criminal proceeding. It does, however, give rise to adverse legal consequences for the person or organization that is found liable. A few examples of civil lawsuits include family law, labor law, tax law as well as immigration laws.

The amount of compensation sought in civil litigation is usually depending on the amount of loss suffered by an individual (or loss of property or money). The winning party also is legally entitled to court costs and other expenses like phone calls and courier fees. The prevailing party is able to prove that their rights have been breached. In that scenario, they could be entitled to monetary compensation for the automatic cost, like time in the filing of cases and the examination.

In civil lawsuits, the plaintiff is the individual who file the defendant to court seeking damages. These litigants typically consist of individuals and companies, but they also could be government officials and agencies or any others legal entities.


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