What Is Avionics? – Car Talk Radio

ed in an aircraft or spacecraft can include engines aircraft, flight control systems, navigation and communications systems, flight recorders and lighting systems. They also include threat recognition, fuel systems electro-optic (EO/IR) systems meteorological radar as well as performance monitors and systems to perform hundreds of additional mission and flight-management tasks.

Avionics or aviation electronics, is a broad description of all the electrical equipment that is used in aircraft, missiles as well as spacecraft. Avionics covers all the components that a pilot uses directly including navigation systems as well as weather radars and radio communication equipment. Avionics also includes electronic systems to monitor and regulate flight performance as well as the engine.

Avionics equipment and parts are maintained and repaired by specialists in avionics. They are often referred to as air mechanics. The specialists can perform preventative routine maintenance by inspecting the instruments as well as other electronic or electrical parts. Other aircraft operators and workers might inform technicians of problems with components. Technicians examine equipment following repairs or replacing any defective parts. 85caz1ysmq.

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