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One of the most controversial issues in modern history has been legalizing recreational marijuana use.
What does it mean that marijuana is legalized for recreation? Do you have a set of guidelines for recreational marijuana sellers? What are the responsibilities of public institutions in ensuring that recreational marijuana vendors do not overuse their authority to market the product?
Legalizing marijuana does not give any person the rights to sell marijuana as a recreational seller. Only if you have applied for the Marijuana Enforcement Division, can you offer marijuana for sale.
If you’re discovered selling pot without permission, the police may detain you. If you are a seller of marijuana, you’ll also be required to pay a 25percent tax.
Banks are having trouble handling the proceeds from marijuana , despite the fact that it is legal in certain states. Banks do not intend to put themselves in the midst of federal law and has not yet legally legalized marijuana.
Thus, you should do thorough research before you commit your marijuana proceeds to any financial institution. The police are not given funds to fight against illegal marijuana possession because of Marijuana legalization. 6421ys5uom.

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