A Look Inside the World of Corrugated Cardboard Recycling – This Week Magazine


laced in a recycling bin.

There are many steps required in order to transform old and used pieces of cardboard into fresh sheets to be used as boxes or containers.

There are numerous ways to recycle corrugated cardboard, but all of them start with the collection of recycled materials. The items include glass and plastics to be separated and mixed with water in order to create an emulsion.

To lessen the amount of moisture in the paste and to create the right texture to keep the paste from drying out, there are a variety of processes.

The “noodle” the special device that breaks down paste to make it more refined, is an excellent model of this apparatus. Chemicals can also be used to increase fire or water resistance.

In the end, the compound is circulated and then spread out by the barrel’s rotating. The paste forms into solid. A vacuum drum gets laid over the paste the steam then blows it to draw out moisture, shrink it to form sheets.

Layer the sheets to make corrugated cardboard or place them in with gypsum layers to make ceiling tiles.


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