What Is an Optometrist? – News Health

Health care professionals are health experts who offers eye care. Experts identify and treat different problems with the eyes, including closesightedness, cross-eyedness, as well as farsightedness.

Optometry is an area of medicine that is concerned with treating and preventing ailments, injuries and vision defects. Optometrists receive training that helps identify medical issues within the eye. These experts can provide the treatment of vision issues which may have developed over the years. They also conduct tests for colorblindness and various other conditions.

An optometrist may offer different treatments, from eyeglasses as well as laser surgery for the eye. Optometry offers a variety of areas that can be studied. This includes the primary care for patients from pre-school to adulthood, primary care for children between pre-school and five years old, contact lenses and work with low vision children.

If a patient is diagnosed, optometrists may also recommend contacts lenses or eyeglasses. These professionals spend much time instructing families and patients on health issues with eyes. Eye care is vital for overall health. It’s essential to find an optometrist you trust to offer top quality eyecare services.


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