How Often Should You Pump Your Cesspool – My Maternity Photography

It is sometimes difficult to differentiate between a cesspool and a C tank. Due to different owners’ behavior, each the septic tank may be different. This video will show you how to make use of a specific tool that will help determine if your tank requires to be cleaned.

The septic tank is comprised of three layers. The scum layer is the top layer. The middle layer filters wastewater called effluent. The lower layer contains solid debris, Sludge. The purpose of the toilet is to wash out the effluent without the scum and sludge.

Pumping the septic tank happens after the sludge layer built up too much and there’s not enough room to effluent to flow. It takes out all of the waste materials from the septic tank and restarts it. Core samplers are used to decide if the tank has to be pumped.

You insert the core sampler in the tank and wait until it is at the bottom. As soon as it has reached the base of the tank draw the string in order to close the tube. This will give you the indication of what layers are in place. Slowly push the tube straight towards the bottom. Examine the tube to determine whether there’s any sludge. If your sludge layer is more than a third higher than the level of the water, you should move it out.


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