What Is Recurrent Training? – Life Cover Guide

In addition, you’ll be exposed to operating procedures and emergency procedures at the school. Also, you will learn from past accidents and how to prevent them. At the end of the course, you’ll have written test to make sure you understand everything that needs to happen in the course of being an airline pilot. You will go through simulators to ensure that you’re prepared in case of abnormal circumstances and emergency procedures. All of this will ensure that you’re secure to fly with your airline.

Swayne only covered the basics of continuing training in this video. She also showed the basics of what you may experience during simulations and classroom time. Recurrent education is vital for safeguarding everyone. Flight attendants and pilots must go through this course to ensure they know all of the security measures they must follow in the course of their jobs. Swayne Martin provides more information on being a pilot and the process of doing it. Subscribe to his channel to get more details. OliverWyman’s study shows that the global demand for pilots is expected to exceed 400,000 by 2029. This is a lot of pilots whom we be able to trust while flying, and ongoing training will help ensure that we’re in good on the right side of.


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