How Fire Hydrants Operate – Boston Equator

There’s a flurry of interest and is well-placed. Hydrants for fire are an important component of fire-fighting. How do these essential devices function? This video provides the basic understanding of how fire hydrants work.

The fire hydrants are linked to a main water supply line just like the sinks in your home. Hydrants are valves, they are not able to alter the pressure of water that flows out. The firefighters hose serves for.

There are two kinds of fire hydrants that are used in the US. Wet barrel hydrants are used in climates that don’t typically dip below freezing temperatures. It is filled with water making sure that the tank is filled with plenty of water. The water valve is located just above the surface. The valves are straightforward to use, less expensive as well as easier to set in.

Dry barrels are normally used in regions where temperatures could dip below freezing throughout the year. To fill up the tank by water, the valve has to be situated under the frost line.

For more information on the fire hydrants in your area, look up this video above.


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