How Does Professional Wheel Repair Work? – Car Talk Podcast

This means that you’ll require expert wheel repair. Keep reading to learn how professionals can repair your wheel.

There are a variety of damage to your wheels. Alopecia is a form of cosmetic damage which means that even if it gets you angry to stare at it, you may still use your car safely all day. However, if your wheel is bent, it’s an entirely other story. Wheels that are not balanced can cause noise, structural damage, as well as uneven tire wear.

Sometimes, wheels may have balance issues. A professional repair shop for wheels will take off your tire and wheel, then set them up on the. It measured the imbalance on the side to side as and the balance of road force that fluctuates between up and down. When the machine informs them that the wheel is in balance, they know to continue with repair work to the wheel.

Before any repair to the wheel can be made, the tire and wheel have to be separated. This can be done with a corgi machine.

Take a look at the video below to find out more!


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