How to Handle DIY Alloy Wheel Repairs – Free Car Magazines

They’re susceptible to getting injured. They may also be damaged by hitting curbs and create an ugly effect called curb rash.

You are able to DIY your alloy wheel repair if are passionate about them. Certain auto body shops provide repair of alloy wheels.

The video that you will find on this site is a very informative tutorial on alloy wheel repairs. In the video, the presenter makes use of a wide range of equipment for repairing a set rims with a lot of cosmetic damage. Materials used include reinforced metal bondo and sandpaper. Also, there is rubbing alcohol, sandpaper, spot putty, primer filler and silver metallic spray paint and clear coat for wheels.

They are utilized to fill in dents and scratches that are present in the wheels. He completes by applying a clear coatings to the wheels before spraying the wheels by spray painting them with metallic paint.

Make sure to watch the entire video prior to undertaking this task to make sure you’re not missing crucial information regarding the project. fn2b7rqncm.

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