You’ll Never Guess What Marketing Strategy Beats Out Social Media

Search engine optimization

Are you trying to adapt your business model to reflect changing times? Are you finding that the complexity of the Internet eludes you more often than not? Consider looking into online marketing and change the outlook of your business with just a few clicks of a button. SEO is slowly but surely becoming the go-to option for businesses trying to reach a wide audience and use search engines to their advantage. Finding a great SEO reseller doesn’t have to be a chore — look below as I detail this rapidly evolving marketing strategy and how you can both take advantage of it and even sell it to other businesses.

Did You Know?

Conventional marketing methods, such as newspaper print and animated advertisements, have been lagging well behind SEO! It’s been found that at least 61% of global Internet users will research their products online, citing convenience and accessibility as the most important and appealing aspects. Even popular social media outlets, such as Twitter and Instagram, are lagging behind SEO website traffic at a whopping 300%! But how does SEO work, anyway?

How Do I Use SEO?

SEO stands for ‘search engine optimization’ and functions by creating simple and informative articles that redirect customers to your website of choice. It’s been found that as many as 80% of customers will ignore paid ads entirely and instead favor organic results. When 90% of all online searches begin with a popular search engine, and well over 100 billion global searches are conducted each month, a bounty of improvement is only a marketing change away!

Finding A Great SEO Reseller

Looking for the best SEO reselling approaches? Seek out an experienced SEO reseller with a background in writing and marketing. Ideal SEO reselling approaches involve taking the unique aspects of your business and expressing them to customers in simple and accessible formats. If you’re media savvy and are trying to boost your own career, considering learning how to sell SEO and make the most of your marketing abilities. Whether you’re selling your services or trying to buy, SEO has something for everybody!

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