Marketing Strategies for Search Engines Help Companies Strike It Rich

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In the past, large multinational corporations and smaller mom and pop shops alike relied upon traditional marketing strategies to capture and retain customers for their products and services. One of the most popular traditional marketing strategies consisted of placing large print advertisements in newspapers, magazines, and journals. Another popular marketing strategy consisted of placing large billboards in busy city intersections. A third popular marketing strategy consisted of showcasing products at large annual and semi annual conventions; the most successful companies always made sure to book booths at the conventions which regularly attracted more than one million potential clients and investors.

Today, however, the internet and other digital technologies have obviated these traditional marketing strategies. Print advertisements no longer capture and retain customers now that the majority of customers learn about new products and services through social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter or through popular search engines such as Google. (Independent research suggests that online sales are expected to grow by more than two percent over retail sales by the end of 2016.) Furthermore, independent studies have analyzed users habits regarding search engines, discovering that more than three quarters of internet users prefer organic search links to paid search links, and that an additional three quarters of internet users never looks beyond the third or fourth page of a Google search.

Due to these new marketing trends involving search engines (such as Google), many companies have started to purchase Seo reseller programs and SEO reseller plans from companies which specialize in marketing for search engines. As part of their services, these companies research keywords and key phrases which have been associated with their clients’ products and services. Then these companies which specialize in marketing for search engines engineer (or write) articles, blog entries, journal entries, and blurbs which frequently use the selected keywords and key phrases. By posting these articles on websites and blogs all across the internet, these companies which specialize in marketing for search engines ensure that their clients rank highly on a Google search.

Although few companies would dispute that marketing for search engines is effective, some believe that third party companies which develop and execute marketing strategies for search engines charge an arm and a leg for their services. These companies sometimes prefer to develop their own in house internet marketing strategies, even though the third party companies insist that they lack the time, energy, resources, and expertise required to develop a killer marketing strategy for search engines. Occasionally, the companies heed their advice and purchase more marketing strategies for search engines. More often, however, the companies hire Asian companies who charge less than a fraction of what their American counterparts charge. Although many American companies insist that Asian internet marketing plans are riddled with spelling and other grammatical errors, many American companies believe that the low, low prices justify their decision to outsource internet marketing plans overseas. Get more on this here:

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