Why Smart Companies Are Reselling SEO

Seo resellers

Search engine optimization is a uniquely effective tool in that it utilizes efforts to improve upon the quality of a website and the visibility of that website with an end goal of improving that site’s organic ranking. Almost all of the time, it works too. No other area of marketing can say that about its efforts, which is why even the best marketing agencies on the planet are reselling SEO rather than attempting to know about it themselves. They do what they do best, while private label SEO firms and white label SEO companies handle the difficult stuff that only they can understand.

This is the most obvious reason why the SEO industry accounts for $16 billion in U.S. dollars today. Millions of people use the Internet, most of them us search engines to give them answers and those reselling SEO help companies improve their online sales through getting out in front of these Internet users. This link between those reselling SEO and those needing it has helped to fill a gaping hole in the online world of marketing businesses. Other efforts have failed, but SEO largely has succeeded due to its indirect marketing efforts and its back end technologies, which help to better connect Internet users with the right kinds of information on products and on services that they are seeking.

Companies invested in marketing, in web design and in computer consulting services normally start reselling SEO both to capture this market and to broaden their own service capabilities. Because about 88.1 percent of people living in the U.S. who are 14 years of age or older and who use the Internet will search for products using these search engine sites, companies in all kinds of industries feel it makes perfect sense for them to start reselling Seo. They know it makes sense, their clients know it makes ideal sense and so do the companies allowing these businesses to start reselling SEO.

Increasingly, though, another area is popping up to coincide with reselling SEO. This area is social media, where only 30 percent of fans’ or followers’ questions are answered or comments are addressed by the companies they wish to reach and where 94 percent of marketing professionals involved in social media are tracking this information. So increasingly, businesses that are reselling SEO also are beginning to resell ancillary services like social media to further improve upon these clients’ presences in an online capacity.

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