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    One of the most controversial issues in modern history has been legalizing recreational marijuana use. What does it mean that marijuana is legalized for recreation? Do you have a set of guidelines for recreational marijuana sellers? What are the responsibilities of public institutions in ensuring that recreational marijuana vendors do not overuse their authority to […]

  • Tips to Save Your Marriage – Venezuela Today

    There are many things you could do to preserve your marriage. In this clip you’ll be able to learn some of these tips. First, avoid inviting others to join in on the trouble. Some of you may be compelled to discuss your issues with those you care about. That only adds to the stress. Communicate […]

  • What You Need to Know To Find Nail Salons – Shopping Video

    A few of the points are essential to learn for finding nail salons. One of the most effective ways to determine the nail salon right for you, is to try different salons before settling on one. It is recommended to visit multiple nail salons in order to get an authentic picture of the service. Once […]